The incredible battle in the Kingdom of Swords has finally found its epilogue. After so much hardship and suffering, the Dark Triad and their devils were defeated, as was Lucifer. The fight of Black clover it allowed Asta and Yuno not only to become much stronger, but also to learn about their past.

Both protagonists emerged stronger from the fight. Asta struck a firmer Devil Union mode with Love thanks to his mother's shared memory Yuno even acquired a second grimoire. He is indeed the son of the true rulers of the Kingdom of Swords, and as such he received what was his due, the grimoire that enabled him to cast the magic of the stars.

However, while Asta's mother has since passed away, it is revealed that Yuno's mother is still alive. In Chapter 331 of Black Clover, the Wizard of Golden Dawn meets the Queen of the Kingdom of Swordsas well as his mother, Ciel Grinberryal.

This exciting and meaningful first meeting brings Yuno to a crossroads. Now that the three Zogratis have been defeated and dethroned, to the boys It is suggested to take the crown and lead the kingdom of swords. Rising to power, however, would mean giving up his dream of becoming Black Clover's next Magical Emperor.

However, Yuno considers Clover his true home and decides to renew the promise made in Asta some time ago not to give up wants to be magic emperor. Only when this dream is crowned will he ascend the throne of the Kingdom of Swords. However, Yuno's future remains unknown. Yuki Tabata welcomed the readers of Black Clover: The Manga Series Takes a Three-Month Break.

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