The mission gets serious in the preview of the fourth episode of Spy x Family. there Forger family is now fully reunited and Operation Stryx can finally begin. However, before infiltrating the prestigious Eden School, Loid, Yor and Anya stop at one of the world's most important stations.

there Spy comedy written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo it is currently among the most popular in the Shueisha catalogue. Fueled by the manga's excellent results, CloverWorks and WIT Studio recently released an anime adaptation, the success of which is unprecedented. With only three episodes aired, the counterfeiters were able to conquer the entire community.

To celebrate Spy x Family at the world's busiest train station, the Shinjuku Stationa "mural" was created that thousands of passers-by can marvel at and admire. The huge work of art is located in the JR line's underground corridor, which connects the station's east and west entrances. But not only that, the author of Attack on Titan also paid tribute to Spy x Family.

As you can see from the photos taken by passers-by and shared at the bottom of the article, theArtwork shows the faces of three members of the Forger family. From the left we find Loid, Yor and then Anya. Finally, there is another character, a large dog with a white coat and bow tie, which is yet to be revealed to anime viewers, but which manga readers have already come to love.

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