A new, sensational twist has reshuffled the cards of the final battle between the Wizards of Clover and the Dark Triad of the Kingdom of Swords. During the last fight with Zenon Zogratis, one of the main protagonists receives a completely unexpected power-up. Here is the real power of Yuno in Black Clover Chapter 308.

Though Yuno punched Zenon full in the chest and pierced him with his strongest magic, the last Zogratis returned to attack by making a new pact with his own Devil Beelzebub. In Black Clover Chapter 308, however, Yuki Tabata shuffles the cards back into the game.

L 'The intervention of the finalsRushing to the aid of his younger brother Langris, he proved useless. Although the two tried to counter Zenon, the latter managed to get rid of their magical space attacks without any problems. At this point, Yuno opens his eyes again and is faced with a cruel scene: the brothers pierced by bone magic.

Yuno wonders if he hasn't done everything wrong and finds new hope thanks to the intervention of a mysterious ghost. Back on his feet, the deputy commander of the Golden Dawn gets a second library, the latter belongs to the kingdom of swords.

As has long been known, Yuno is actually that Son of the ruler of the kingdom of swordswho, however, was betrayed and killed by the Dark Triad. Brought to Clover when he was a baby, he never had a chance of one Grimoire of swords, now come to his rescue. What magic will join that of the wind? Finally, we leave you with two colored artwork by Black Clover 307.

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