It was released in Japan a few days ago My Hero Academia Volume 32, an album that contains chapters 305-315. The stars of the above chapters are two new protagonists who will be honored by a beautiful solemn sketch that the author Kohei Horikoshi shared on Twitter.

Only available in a few chapters, Lady Nagant and the "Miss Fox" won the hearts of fans, one for its tragic background and the other for its story of racism. Both, closely associated with Midoriya and Dark Deku, respectively, were honored with an unpublished illustration by Horikoshi, published on the occasion of the Japanese release of Volume 32 of My Hero Academia.

Anyone who follows the weekly serialization on MangaPlus already knows the story of these two beautiful "heroines". Lady Nagant was part of the Public Security Commission, but after some internal moral reflection, he decided to kill his corrupt colleagues. Imprisoned in Tartarus, All For One sets her free and goes in search of Deku.

Miss Fox, on the other hand, is a be anthropomorphicwhich has been attacked by some vigilant citizens because of its "animal" aspect. Saved by Dark Deku, she is protected from the pouring rain with a loving gesture.

Horikoshi solemn illustration see Nagantes sitting between the legs the giant young fox lady. Next to it are the words "Now it's your turn", the same sentence All Might said to Deku and which a certain villain later repeated with mockery. And you, what do you think of this sketch, does it deserve a place in the manga? We leave you with another official artwork, this time in color, of a certain protagonist of My Hero Academia.

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