After a week’s break due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, normal broadcasting of Boruto: Naruto the next generations. Episode 209, an original anime episode separate from the original events of the manga, leads us to investigate an alleged thief: some items have disappeared from the Uzumaki house, who is the culprit?

Although Boro was defeated and the Seventh Hokage returned home safely, Kawaki is still haunted by the nightmares of the past. These fears lead him to distance himself from Boruto, who instead tries in every way to stay close to him.

During a family dinner where the protagonist and his father eat peacefully, Kawaki finds no peace. His dilemmas, however, are interrupted by mother Hinata, who rummages through the refrigerator and notices that a piece of ham is missing. Boruto and Naruto immediately claim that they are not the culprits, as is the innocent Himawari. Feeling blamed, being the last one has arrivedKawaki also denies having eaten in secret. So who is the “thief” of the Uzumaki house?

To discover the culprit, it is Kawaki himself who notices strange behavior by Himawari. The Hyuga princess sneaks to the refrigerator and takes a few sausages with her, then leaves the house.

When Kawaki appears in front of her and asks for an explanation, Himawari asks him to follow him. Apparently the cute little girl found it a wounded animal and now he’s taking care of it. Expecting a bunny or other docile animal, Kawaki is stunned when he sees “Nibble,” a white wolf covered in wounds. The thief has been finally discovered, Kawaki can now compete with Detective Conan! Here is a picture of episode 209 and the titles of the next episodes of Boruto.

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