As previously leaked from the official website of dragon ballthe author of Gintama Hideaki Sorachi, participated in the Dragon Ball Super Gallery Project by redesigning the cover of the 16th volume of the manga series.

Dragon Ball is turning 40 soon Since its debut and to celebrate this anniversary, the Shueisha publisher has launched a special initiative for which its most successful authors redesign the covers of the manga created by Toriyama in their own way.

Each of the 42 volumes of Dragon Ball is therefore recreated by a different Shueisha author. Participate in The 19th appointment in this initiative is Hideaki Sorachithe mangaka who gave birth to Gintama.

The cover chosen by the author of Gintama is the 16th of the Dragon Ball manga series, depicting Goku in a fighting pose and Piccolo in the foreground at half length. In this redesign we can see that completely different drawing style between Sensei Toriyama and Sorachi, which pays homage and respects the basic concept. What do you think of the artwork you find at the end of the article compared to the original cover?

Before the Gintama mangaka, the final appointment with the Dragon Ball Super Gallery Project was signed by Kentaro Yabuki, who drew the instead Volume 31 depicting the androids C-16, C-17 and C-18.

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