ONE PIECE is a work that is characterized by many references to the real world. Eiichiro Oda revealed more often that he was inspired by various mythologies, events, and historical figures to create many characters. The final pages of Chapter 1019 caught the attention of an enthusiast developing a unique theory about Yamato.

Most of Chapter 1019, presented with a fantastic summer illustration, is devoted to the current conditions in which the various Mugiwara find themselves. After the end of the fight between Who's Who and Jinbe, in which the Fishman prevailed, we want to see how he fares Sanji versus Queen. Zoro, completely in plaster, is injected by Miyagi, and finally, Luffy finally appears to be conscious after being rescued by Law's crew. Franky vs. Sasaki covers several pages of the chapter and then leaves room for the confrontation between Yamato and Kaido only in the final tables.

On the dome of the huge skull that dominates Onigashima, Oda introduces us to the hybrid form of Yamato, which, as the user @SoulstormOP noted, appears to have several similarities with the mythological creature Kirin. Also known as Qilin, this particular chimera occurs in several cultures, where it is often associated with the. is associated Concept of elegance and is perceived as an auspicious sign. Although there are differences between the various mythologies, in the iconographies he is almost always depicted with the body of a deer, a horse's head, one or two horns, and an oxtail, and flames seem to be constantly coming from his body.

These elements seem to be evident from the design developed by Oda, and as the answers below the post point out, the presence of the flames would matter, considering the relationship between Yamato and Ace. What do you think about it? Do you think this is really a reference to Kirin? Let us know in the comment section.

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