The numerous fans of Tite Kubo's work are waiting to find out what the future of Bleach will look like: in the meantime, here is an Easter egg on the pages of the new chapter in the story of Ichigo and the others.

In the tape that began the adventures of Ichigo and Rukia, we watched the clash between the protagonist and a group of boys intent on scaring a child's grave. One of them is easy to spot thanks to the afro hair along with the mustache, for this reason many have wondered if it is the same person who is Kazui Kurosaki meets after becoming a ghost on the pages of the new chapter.

At the bottom of the news, find the post that user Spyder_byte00 shared on Reddit Tite Kubo. Even the comments made by the other users of the famous site seem to suggest that they are the same person, although it is not known what caused his untimely death.

Bleach's new one-shot was also enthusiastically received by insiders, while many clues seem to confirm that the story will be the protagonists of the manga by Tite Kubo expanded with new chapters.

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