After the war with the Society of Heroes, the Supernatural Liberation Front used the chaos situation to attack Tartarus and enable All For One to escape from the maximum security prison. The newest chapter of My hero academy offers us a new perspective on this escape.

With the final battle approaching, the group of heroes needs all the help they can hope for defeat All For One and Tomura Shigaraki. As the international community envisages, an unexpected hand comes from a former antagonist, the Hero Killer Stain.

After convincing Toshinori Yagi of the true qualities of All Might, Stain gives the previous hero number one a precious one Chip with vital data. But how did he get this information? The answer comes through a flashback.

My Hero Academia 328 brings readers back to the Escape from Tartarus, a simultaneous attack that allowed All For One to escape the facility. While the criminals set fire to the detention center, Stain also managed to escape from his cell. Unlike the others, however, he decided don't join the villain kingbut act yourself.

After killing a villain who tried to commit femicides, Stain went into the video surveillance room where a dying security guard was lying. The guard, who had something very important in his hand, trusted the hero killer his will: Pass on the data in your possession to someone you trust. When he accepted the assignment, Stain avoided all contact with All For One for Go on the trail of All Might, his chosen one.

But will Stain take sides on one of two fronts in the course of the last war? Shigaraki lacks that to be complete.

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