Episode 218 of Boruto: Naruto the next generations will be remembered forever by all fans as one of the most poignant of the entire work. To make this tragic event even more exciting, the closing theme has been turned upside down to pay tribute to the victim of a hero.

To defeat Isshiki Otsutsuki, who made fun of her and Sasuke, Naruto and Kurama resorted to theirs last way out. However, as expected from the Nine-Tails Fox, Baryon mode has a very heavy price to pay: life. Without hesitation, ready to on behalf of Konoha. die, the Seventh Hokage accepts and signs his final pact with Bijuu.

When the fight ends, Naruto finally realizes it Kurama had lied to him. The life required in the sacrifice was not his own, but that of the Cercoterio, who sacrificed himself by exhausting his whole chakra.

At the end of a very emotional conversation, the two have been united since the first episode of the work, yes they exchange one last blow and greet each other. To pay tribute to their bond and this tragic sacrifice, the anime's ending has been changed.

As you can see from the clip at the end of the article, the new one is Closing topic, exclusive to this episode, will allow viewers to experience that the most iconic moments of the duo Naruto and Kurama: from the destruction of Konoha to the moment they became friends.

And what emotions did this farewell to Boruto 218 arouse in you? We leave you on the terms of Sasuke in Boruto 218.

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