Although the international community has refused permission to help Japanese society in the face of the global crisis, All Might's favorite students began to circumvent the rules. The number one heroine of the United States of America comes in My hero academy!

The chapter that starts with a nice introductory page that shows readers the glitzy thing Star and stripe profile, mainly focuses on the character of All For One and his deadly plot. Neither the Japanese company nor One For All are their goals: The Lord of Evil wants to conquer the whole world. However, this is necessary subtract the quirk to American heroin. But what will it be capable of being the ambition of All For One?

When Chapter 329 of My Hero Academia turns a page, Horikoshi leads us into the middle of a discussion between Hawks and Best Jeanist. The winged hero informs his colleague that the American number one will be available soon will enter Japanese airspace, but that he is not convinced that he can get away with such a situation. Best Jeanist, on the other hand, seems to be a fan of hers, so much so that he wants to ask her about a pair of Golden Age jeans.

Suddenly Detective Tsukauchi informs both of them and Endeavor that "he" has moved. Tomura Shigaraki is awake, and in the Japanese skies, he defies the arrival of Stars and Stripes. The game will open in My Hero Academia 330 USA hero versus Japan villain. Who will get it We leave you to the official statuette of Dark Deku, the dark version of Midoriya that shaped the last chapters of the work.

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