One of the most controversial series introduced by DC Comics to completely destroy the narrative universe to which it is dedicated Batman is Dark Nights: Death Metal, where numerous alternative versions of the Caped Crusader were presented.

The detail appeared in the second volume of the title Batmobeast, a kind of giant truck that has all of Bruce Wayne's detective skills. But how can a vehicle do certain things? The answer to that question came in Special volume Death Metal Legends of the Dark Knights, where the origins of the Batmobeast were also explained.

In the universe that gave birth to this particular form of Batman, the Dark Knight, sick of public opinion for his stance of breaking the law, has chosen Make his awareness digital and insert it into any technological tool present on earth, including a monstrous version of his Batmobile.

The world population, under the eyes of what Orwell would call Big Brother, immediately rejected this initiative and even manages to kill Bruce after the uprising, and the only fragment that survived was the one featured in the Batmobeast.

Recall that the Batman who laughs has a new power and that Batman changed the fate of Gotham with an important decision.

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