The series of Jojo's bizarre adventure More than thirty years after its first publication, it is one of the most popular mangas in Japan thanks to the original style of the master Hirohiko Araki and, above all, the characters that are always characterized differently.

Among these we find of course the villain of all generations of Jojo seen so far or Dio Brando. Stardust Crusaders will return stronger than before in season three thanks to the union with the body of Jonathan Joestar and the state of The World, and will initially become a vampire thanks to the powers of the stone mask.

To honor a character who had a major impact on the Joestar family's misfortunes, a fan decided to create a beautiful drawing but bring life to a fusion, to say the least. As you can see in the post reported at the bottom of the news Bowser, the main enemy of the Super Mario video game serieswas represented with the indistinguishable tuft of Dio Brando and with the colors of the antagonist's costume.

A completely unexpected crossover that surprised both fans of the most famous brand of the capital N and fans of Araki's works. We recall a recent fan thinking of an actor for the role of Joseph in a possible live action on the series and we leave our review of Vento Aureo and wait for that Return of the Jojo Anime.

[Fanart] DIO Bowser by: blackgyro by r / StardustCrusaders

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