In the past few days we've seen Uzumaki's animation style, plus Viz Media has announced that the famous horror mangaka is working Junji Ito He will take part in a live show showing how he works.

The event will continue to be broadcast next August 13th at 3:20 p.m. PST, which is 12:20 p.m. Italian time, the perfect time to immerse yourself in the drawings by the Nakatsugawa native artist. Not only does Junji Ito draw a table, he also comments on his work and reveals the background to some of his most important work. It has not yet been announced what the subject of his drawings will be, but we are sure that all fans will be satisfied with the event.

In the meantime, the animated implementation of Uzumaki, which the animators from Production IG are working on and which airs in America on the Adult Swim channel. In the last few weeks it was announced that Uzumaki will be available in 2021. The delay was caused by the coronavirus epidemic, which has slowed work in recent months. The work will consist of 4 episodes that tell us the events of the Kurozo-cho cityand in particular student Kirie Goshime and boyfriend Shuichi Saito who are about to make a disturbing discovery tied to the place where they live.

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