Enough is said about the life and work processes of the mangakas, but little about their families. After all, Japanese cartoonists are very careful about their privacy and often don't show their faces their entire lives. There are some Mangaka showing off their children's creations.

Thanks to Twitter, mangaka Yusuke Murata showed off his daughter's work. But it's not just the author of One-Punch Man who can boast of having a potential son of art. Actually in the last few days some drawings published by Usamaru Furuya caused a stirMangaka of very important, albeit rather niche, titles such as Happiness, Garden, Plastic Girl, Suicide Club, Hikari Club and La Crciata degli Innocenti to name a few.

Now that summer vacation is on, the Usamaru Furuya's son devotes a lot of time to drawing, improve a lot and also focus on redesigning some old pages. Now his goal is to complete a manga and reach 40 inked pages for now. The pages featured in the tweet below show some progress in the drawing and show that Furuya's son is really trying hard. Who knows if we'll see it in a magazine in a few years.

Instead, Oda's daughter worries about the fate of ONE PIECE.

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