At the beginning of 2021, the anime was released by Boruto started an important story arc. The basis for the development of the new events has already been laid, and soon the protagonist will have to face an unexpected opponent.

In the most recent episodes of the sequel to Naruto, we saw a mission entrusted to Team 7 at the Advanced Technology Research Institute that was soon interrupted due to an urgent assignment entrusted by the boys of seventh hokage. The goal is to be found Konohamaru Contact was lost when an attempt was made to reach a crashed airship.

The Terms of the shinobi were shown in the preview of the new episode of Boruto, through which we also learn that the young heroes will face an army of dolls. Thanks to a picture shared on social networks that I report at the end of this message, we discover thatIdentity of another fearsome enemy which surprises all fans. The antagonist is none other than Aowho turns out to be a traitor and, as we can see in the tweet, is fighting with Boruto.

However, the event does not annoy the readers of the manga, who have been waiting for the implementation of that part of the story that corresponds to it Chapter 20for more than a year.

What do you think of this betrayal? Let us know in a comment.

Finally, I remember the voice actor for All Might joining Boruto's Kara organization.

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