A successful first season, a second discreet and then many years of standstill: That was the courseOne Punch Man Anime. The work, an adaptation of the manga of the same name by Yusuke Murata and ONE, ended in the middle of a narrative arc, leaving the viewer with many doubts. But now One-Punch Man Season 3 is official.

However, despite the official announcement, little and nothing is known about the project, which has more shadows than lights. What we know about One-Punch Man Season 3 until now? Surely you can start with what is covered. The narrative arc that the manga has been telling in recent years has finally come to an end and, as the poster shows, will reach the final stages of this saga. The monster association arc is fully customized, with the anime seeing chapters 85 through 170 in action.

When One-Punch Man season 3 airs? There are no certain answers, but given the announcement that came in the summer of 2022, it's possible we won't get past the year of waiting. It is very likely that we will see the first episode of the season in October 2023. Unless there are delays and unforeseen productions, pushing everything to 2024 is difficult.

Who is working on One-Punch Man Season 3? That's the trickiest question: If Madhouse did a great job in season one, there's no telling JC Staff was on par in season two. Fans wish for a studio change for One-Punch Man, but every official is postponed. For now, all we know is that Chikashi Kubota is at work as a character designer after the experiences of the first two seasons.

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