That the situation behind the production of The attack of the giants 4 is anything but rosy seemed already from the words of the entertainers. However, even the director couldn't help hiding the reality of the facts: the anime's health is in a critical phase, which Hayashi himself defines as "hell".

There are internal problems in the MAP studyThis became clear when a production assistant anonymized anonymity to the working animators, he said badly and with no respect for the animation directors. Obviously, the outbreak does not affect all major animators, but rather the group of unskilled workers who do a lot of work just for pay. Other animators, on the other hand, complain about the critical situation of MAPPA and even point to a next "breakdown" of the study within the next episodes.

However, it seems unclear how desperate the situation really is. director HayashiAt an event broadcast today, he commented on a number of staff decisions, some of which were made at the suggestion of Hajime Isayama. Shortly before the end of the show, the director found that the workload of his staff is so unusual that he has compared them to something like hell.

Obviously, this news triggered the outrage of the fans on the one hand and the maximum support for the employees who jump through the hoops in the production phase on the other. And you, what do you think of his words instead? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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