There was a manga in the oriental comic scene that had a major impact on the course of the last decade. Tokyo Ghoul was published on Weekly Young Jump for several years, first with the main manga and then with the direct sequel / continuous Tokyo Ghoul: right. The two also received souls with mixed fortunes.

In fact, Tokyo Ghoul was one of the worst anime adaptations in years. However, this has not hindered the growth of Ken Kaneki, the protagonist of the work who is very much loved by fandom. In this Tokyo of an alternate universe where creatures known as ghouls existKen Kaneki faces the upheavals in his existence from being an ordinary college student enrolled in literature to being a dark creature.

The The protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul was taken over by the cosplayer Xen, a girl who has over 60,000 followers on Instagram and has posted disguises inspired by various characters from manga and anime. Below we see them Ken Kaneki cosplay for womenwhere the eyes of different colors, the long white hair and the costume stand out and the mask is lowered so that the face is visible.

Meanwhile, the mangaka Sui Ishida is working on other projects, including a new manga.

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