In the universe of Batman White Knight After a few twists and turns, the status quo has seen some changes. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn seems ready to get back into action with a fantastic new costume.

Between the pages of Batman: White Knight presents Harley Quinn The woman tried to raise her two children when she was involved in the GTO or Gotham Terrorist Oppression Unit to start a new adventure. Although she continued to use her classic costume, it seems that soon the protagonist of the saga will take on a new shape.

The new dress is presented to us in a tweet that I report at the bottom of the news and that is shared by the series' official report. In it we see the main cover designed by Sean Murphy and updated by @MDHollingsworth, del sixth number and the variant version that @ScaleraMatteo and Matt Hollingsworth worked on. Both show Harley Quinn in the foreground, wearing the costume Noire versionwho replaced the red color that prevailed in the previous dress with a gray. We also notice the hood and a yellow belt.

What do you think of the woman's new look? Let us know with a comment.

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