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Chapter 8: Eternal Vow

In 2019, Nogi and Yuna have one final battle against the Vertex, winning at the expense of the only friend Nogi left. Yuna dies for her last endeavors, but her spirit will live on. Fu finishes reading the story of Nogi's ancestors, raising some doubts about their mission as heroes, but it is up to them to finish it off. Separately, Yuna sleeps and meets the other Yuna, Takashima, with whom she speaks and offers her a deal: to transmit the curse. Yuna Yuki refuses, does not want others to suffer for her and continues to accept her punishment. In the barracks the speech is given in which it turns out that Yuki Yuna is the key and Kusunoki and his companions give him new instructions.

Chapter opinion

The mini part of the first heroines is finally over, and I say that with regret because it was a big part. Now we return to Yuna and Kusunoki, both with their groups, the accepted and the rejected. Visually the fight against the Vertex was good, visually as I said because they use distant layers, some close-ups, but with several cuts that change the visual, which does not make the fight completely fluid, but on the image layer and sound has been very good. Incidentally, some things are already being revealed that will lead us to what appears to be the final mission that can put an end to everything or give the intruders a second life.

Last battle

Nogi and Yuna, the only survivors of the heroines who stood to save the world, face their final fight, which is literally Yuna's last. She wants to be remembered, she wants to be herself, to free herself from the burden of not bothering others, and that's why she screams what she knows about her, screams to vent, screams so that her spirit lives. They activate their powers and the fight begins and they win. Only Yuna dies. "Everything about heroes is a joke," she had thought before she died, but that is exactly what makes her a heroine to surrender when all is lost. Yuna Takashima, Shinju-sama recognized your services and your best friend wept for you.

In the present

The narration of the notes ended. The girls learned new things, for example that offering a fire only saves time and that the heroes only fought 300 years later. I would also like to know what happened to the first nogi, what happened to her life, and what the connection with her made. Maybe the current Nogi family has these privileges because of her? The history of the past stays in the past, it is time to fix the present and build the future, it is up to you to end all of this. In the end they find a hoe, but what does the hoe mean? I thought it had something to do with Chikage as she was using a scythe. I don't know, although it might be important in the future.

Las Yuna and the final mission

Yuna Yuki is asleep and we already know that between the heroines there is some kind of connection to the past and the spirit of those who are close to them. The Yunas meet, they are identical, but they are not related, nothing, what does that mean? Does the body have anything to do with it? misukata what is yuki? The point is that Takashima offers to receive the curse that Yuki has, because to Shinju-sama they are like the same person (what? Why?). Both are the same, if the other had been on the other side they would surely have done the same thing. In the end, Yuki refuses and accepts the charges.

On the other hand, we learn that Yuna is the key to free humanity from all difficulties. You could see it coming, she's also the protagonist, it had to be the obvious. For this they will do the "holy wedding" Shinkonβ€œWhat seems to be going on outside, as heroines and guards they have one last mission, because if everything goes well, they are no longer needed.

Everything is ready for the end of the season and maybe the anime? At the moment I will continue to ask for more development for Kusunoki and Co., I still do not accept them very much. But hey, we have to wait.

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