DC Comics fans have received a lot of news over the past few weeks. Among these, it seems that new heroes will be added in the future Justice League. Let's go and discover them.

After Dark Nights: Death Metal concluded and Future State began, DC Comics fans were busy exploring a multitude of disseminates new information about future publications of the publisher. Among these, some of the projects related to the Justice League were revealed. Brian Michael Bendis in particular shared some pictures on his Instagram account that show this Group of superheroes by adding new characters.

We can see this in the first picture shown at the end of this message Silhouette of the hero along with an inscription asking the public to keep updated.

The next day, the same author shared a picture showing the cover version of Justice League # 59, the first in the series to follow the events in Future State.

It looks like the team will soon be made up of old characters like Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and Hawkgirl and there Newcomerssuch as Black Canary, Green Arrow, Black Adam and Hippolyta. It also appears that Naomi, an original character created by Bendis himself, will also be in attendance.

We are therefore curious See the new defenders of justice in action, although it is still unclear if their cooperation will be temporary and what their next enemies will be. What do you think about it?

I remind you that the Justice League Dark pages anticipated a character's fate and that DC Comics announced a crossover with the Justice League called Doom Metal.

See this post on Instagram

A contribution by Brian Michael Bendis (@brianmbendis)

See this post on Instagram

A contribution by Brian Michael Bendis (@brianmbendis)

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