After six volumes full of intrigue and exciting mysteries, the crossover is Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point ends with a sensational twist. But is the Dark Knight’s adventure on the island of Epic Games’ popular video game really over? According to the authors, a sequel could come out one day.

In Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point # 6, the Caped Crusader finally managed to find out who had the plan to lock him up in the endless loop of the island. But the last few pages of the comic may have one hypothetical continuation.

At the end of the sixth and final volume of the DC miniseries, Deathstroke manages to escape from the island and return to his universe. However, the killer actually works with Lex Luthor, the Batman Who Ride, and Dr. Sloane together that one new crack over Gotham City.

This ending certainly opens up for a sequel. Luthor, Deathstroke and Batman Who Laughs are teaming up with Doctor Sloane, a Fortnite character who intends to go beyond the island’s limits to Pour the island into the DC Universe.

Even the same authors have confirmed the possibility watch a sequel at some point. “I would definitely come back again (for a sequel), “said Christos Gage in an interview. “There are many characters that could be used in a good story. Plastic Man, for example, would be perfect, it would fit perfectly.”

“I think it would be great fun not only to draw DC characters that interact with the world of Fortnite, but also just explore some of the video game characters in one-shot comics. There are so many character designs and concepts in the Fortnite crowd that I would like to explore a few of them, ”added Reilly Brown.

We will therefore see a Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point Season 2 or Comics that focus solely on Fortnite characters? In the meantime, here is the whole truth about Batman / Fortnite Zero Point.

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