I look forward to the increasingly imminent arrival of the fifth season of My hero academia, a fan of the opera, wanted to pay homage to one of the most iconic characters in the overhaul narrative or Tamaki Amajiki, one of the big three in third year Yuei High School.

Although dwarfed by the light of Mirio Togata and Nejire Hado at the time of his debut, in the fourth season of the anime Amajiki, he demonstrated why he is part of the so-called Great trio from UA high school.

His crazy quirk, which allows him to manifest the physical properties of everything he eats, has allowed Tamaki to shine like the sun, just like his pro hero name, Suneater. In fact, the aspiring hero risked his life while fighting with the forces of Overhauls Yakuza three opponents at the same time so that Red Riot and Fat Gum can run smoothly.

This grand gesture has consecrated him among the fans who pay homage to him with numerous cosplays. The one worn by cosplayer Ratno Care is characterized by the extravagance of Suneater, the dark hero who it shines brighter than the sun. Tamaki is certainly not one of the easiest heroes to interpret, but the Instagram user did an excellent job. And what do you think Suneater will star in the anime's fifth season? Shinso is at the center of the new My Hero Academia poster. Koda's call of nature in this affordable cosplay from My Hero Academia.

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