That Michael Keaton’s Batman, the face of Bat Man in the 1989 film of the same name and its sequel, meets his Robin for the first time. Let’s take a first look at the Wonder Boy design in the new Batman ’89 comic book series.

Before Tim Burton left the franchise and Warner Bros. relied on Joel Schumacher for Batman Forever, there was a sequel to Return that featured Robin in the original plans. However, as we all know, there has never been a third installment in Tim Burton’s film franchise and Michael Keaton’s Batman he never had his Robin.

However, since DC Comics has decided to return to the narrative universe of the film with the new Batman ’89 comic series, the Dark Knight will finally be able to find support in his iconic partner. The volumes of this new series, in which original screenwriter Sam Hamm collaborates with artist Joe Quinones, will pick up the story where it left off in Batman Return. The first edition welcomes Robin!

As the series was debuting, Quinones revealed the meaning and the Wonder Boy design during an interview with the Washington Post. “My hope is that Robin will become a pretty strong character on this show. It’s not so much a story about Batman and Robin as it is a story about Robin and Batman..

Robin is at the center of a controversy, Batman’s partner is bisexual! We also discover the two-face from Batman ’89.

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