Summer fashion is closely linked to Naruto, the timeless work of Masashi Kishimoto, which was continued in Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations. If you always want the Konoha ninja with you, the new line of designer sportswear comes Champion x Naruto.

The new will be in stores and online from August 13th Champion collection, the Naruto. is dedicated. The clothing brand is indeed in the process of launching a sports line specially designed for the believers in Kishimoto's work.

β€œThe collection includes men's reverse-weave and heritage short-sleeved hoodies, reverse-weave hoodies for women and heritage short-sleeved shirts, and hoodies and t-shirts for children., has announced champion in a current press release.

"In addition, fans can take advantage of an exclusive opportunity in each Champion Shop: personalize their goods with hand-picked patches that include characters such as Naruto Sage Mode, Gaara, Shikamaru, Tsunade, Hashirama, Tobirama and Hiruzen, as well as symbols from Clan Uzumaki and Uchiha, the clouds of Alba and the Sharingan! ".

The collection, from which you can admire some pieces, promises it fits perfectly, ideal both for training (in terms of ninjutsu) and for everyday life. What do you think you will buy some items from this line? During Tokyo 2020, Konoha's ninja invaded the Olympics. Here is the protagonist and Sasuke in a wonderful Naruto cosplay.

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