January 27th is a very special date. To commemorate the horrors that occurred under the Nazi regime in the middle of the last century, the Day of Remembrance was introduced so that the horrors that took place in the concentration camps are not forgotten. The Holocaust is an important part of our history and Star Comics does not forget it.

On the occasion of the day, the Italian publisher announced on its social networks the arrival of a graphic novel based on one of the most famous stories of the Holocaust. Star Comics will publish Anne Frank's diary in the version conceived and produced by Ozanam and Nadji and inspired by the famous diary of the young Jewish girl Anne Frank.

First hidden, then she and her family were discovered and deported, and they will never return, except for their father Otto from the places of horror. During her months in hiding, Anna wrote her thoughts in a diary, with the entire collection published a few years later. Those The young woman's stories will now live on in the form of a graphic novel and in the Star Comics post below you can see the cover and one of the sides.

Anne Frank's diary is available for € 13.90 and comprises a total of 144 pages. In the meantime, the publisher is preparing for the editions planned for February 2021.

"I don't dare to do anything anymore. I'm afraid it is forbidden." Today it seems incredible to think like there was a time when ...

Published by Edizioni Star Comics on Tuesday January 26th, 2021

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