The fourth season ofAttack of the giants shows up more devastating than ever as the war between the Devils of Paradis and the nation of Marley has started and the incredible clash of the seventh episode with eight of the nine most powerful giants and the tribute to the last giant introduced a fan made a beautiful cosplay.

The attack on Marley's leader led to a direct confrontation between Eren Jaeger, the attacking giant, and the weapon that Marley's leader kept secret, namely the Giant hammerwho immediately showed himself to be incredibly powerful, able to get the protagonist into trouble, and characterized by a different design than the other Giants met so far.

User @lowcostcosplayth created and shared his incredible take on this new phenomenal giant on Instagram. As you can see in the pictures below, the fan has used lots of chewing gum to recreate the giant hammer's unique faceto get a result that is very faithful to the original and at the same time beautiful.

Recall that the MAPPA studio thanked fans with a sketch of Mikasa, given the reactions after the last episode, and we leave you with a great illustration of a fan dedicated to the giant hammer.

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