DanMachi - Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon? is about to return with the fourth season that will be the protagonist of the 2022 anime summer schedule. Accompanied by Classroom of the Elite and Made in Abyss, DanMachi is preparing to return to Japanese TV channels after more than a year of waiting for the official announcement.

In April, a new key visual by DanMachi revealed the projected release date for season four 22nd of July. Produced by JC Staff, the anime will continue to tell the adventures of the protagonist Bell Cranel in the dungeons, where he is desperate to get the girl of his dreams.

For this noble cause, DanMachi Bell will be available in Season 4 22 episodes, which will be distributed in the summer and autumn programs of 2022. Adding them to those of the other seasons brings DanMachi to a total of 59 episodes to which the OVAs must be added. The deadline is therefore July 22 for the longest season of the entire series.

The opening and ending of DanMachi's fourth season has already been revealed with a trailer that also showed the animations of the protagonists. From here until the debut of the anime, however, we're expecting some different information JC staffwhich has leaked very few details of the production for now.

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