Batman has become an icon of American comics alongside Superman and Spider-Man, and since it first appeared on the pages of Detective Comics 27 in 1939, many different versions of the Dark Knight have been created and designed, some of which are canonical thanks to The Birth of the DC -Multiverse.

The growth and ability to put a character through so many years of stories behind them are now at the heart of the two American giants' editorial goals in terms of comics and in the new series Batman: Black and White # 2 An alternate version of the Caped Crusader was introduced.

The story begins when Bruce remembers one very strange night when he crossed Gotham City in search of White Bat, a man who shows up with his own face but in an all-white Batman costumewho wreaked havoc in Gotham through heinous murders and crimes. Alfred manages to gather information about White Bat and discovers that his real name is Ewan Bryceand that he is an employee of Wayne Co., although further details are completely absent.

We later see the two bats collide just before White Bat escapes aboard a giant plane. But Batman manages to get hold of him, and once inside he finds a lab very similar to the one in the bat cave, where an older man turns to him and says: "Welcome home, my son."which possibly implies that it is an alternate version of Thomas Wayne.

Keep in mind that Batman has a new partner in Future State, and we'll leave you the details of Dark Knight, a new series dedicated to the Dark Knight.

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