After a long wait, the Ultraman is finally ready for a comeback thanks to the arrival of the new film that will be the heir to Shin Godzilla, one of the most iconic kaiju films of all time. And the first trailer seems to promise sparks for all fans of the genre.

In the first trailer of Shin Ultraman, government officials and the Japanese army face the invasion of the country by the kaiju, huge monstrosities typical of Japanese science fiction. But nothing seems to interfere with the advance of the giant beasts that are sowing chaos everywhere. To save the situation we have to think of Ultraman, who stands at the end of the video for the defense of the citizens.

Shin Ultraman's script was written by Hideaki Anno, who had previously suggested a possible release date. According to the information in the trailer, the Tokusatsu will debut until the end of summer. It is currently not known if and when this film will arrive in Italy.

Director Shinji Higuchi has already given assurances that the film will pay off proud Ultraman fansregardless of their age. The franchise was indeed founded in 1966, but this new iteration seems to fully honor its traditions. Marvel Comics is waiting for Shin Ultraman and has announced Ultraman: The Trials of Ultraman.

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