The conflict between Grade 1-A and Grade 1-B of Yuei High School continues and is involved in a joint test. With training in a difficult situation after the first two fights, the third round will prove crucial to the progression of the challenge. But one of the protagonists of My hero academia Put the turbo!

Episode 95 of My Hero Academia has officially launched the third round, involving Shoto, Iida, Ojiro, and Shoji for Class 1-A. Among them, it is the class leader who is most excited about this challenge. On the other hand, Ingenium has a few Aces in the hole revealed to their companions.

Just like Deku, Bakugo and Shoto too Iida worked hard to improve his skills and character. Unlike them, however, he had to make some pretty painful physical changes to do so.

Thanks to his uniqueness, Class 1-B Honeuki manages to separate Iida from the others, thereby falling into a trap. Here the class leader reveals all his motivation with a review. After receiving the provisional license, Iida's brother, the real Ingenium, suggests bringing some with him Engine modifications in his legs.

However, it was a very painful process: Iida had to tear down her old silencers so she could replace them with stronger and more robust ones. Apparently this is a family tradition that has been passed down since the time of Grandfather Iida.

Despite the pain, there is now a faster, more efficient, and more powerful motor in Iida's legs. His new style, the "Recipro Turbo", now takes a total of ten minutes and is long enough to return to his teammates and quickly defeat Class 1-B.

Meanwhile, the episode of My Hero Academia also focused on Endeavor and his transformation. My Hero Academia 5x07 is now available on Crunchyroll.

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