The new saga of Super Dragon Ball Heroes offers viewers epic battles, incredible returns, terrifying antagonists, and terrifying transformations. Surrounded by opponents, Vegeta has shown all the pride that the prince of the warrior race is capable of.

During the third episode of the space-time war arc, Vegeta is on the Planet Vegeta, Home of the Saiyans, destroyed by Freeza and his army. But the place where the prince woke up is not his home, but the parallel universe created by Fu.

On the planet Vegeta, the protagonist is immediately surrounded by two opponents, two fearsome Saiyajins ready to take revenge and take him out. In a situation of numerical advantage, Cumber and Turles they manage to get their prince into serious trouble. Turles in particular is Vegeta's opponent. However, the space pirate, the main antagonist of the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Great Battle for the Fate of the World, is more powerful than ever. In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, it has reached Super Saiyan 3, or at least apparently.

Indeed, Turles is permeated withEvil Saiyan aura, the same one that surrounds the Crazy Cumber. During the fight, as you can see in the tweet at the end of user DBS Hype's article, Turles tries to convey the evil Saiyan's dark energy to Vegeta. At first, the Saiyan prince cannot hold back this dark aura and lets himself into the berserker's anger, but he remembers his past and eventually manages to channel this energy to achieve a new form.

Vegeta achieved one with it new transformation by Super Saiyan Blue. Its aura is now surrounded by a dark halo in addition to the classic blue. Additionally, the outline of his eyes is noticeably clearer, just like the Super Saiyan 4. Turles is doomed. Most likely, Super Dragon Ball Heroes will lead us to discover the origins of the Super Saiyan god.

In the meantime, the new Dragon Ball Super movie will be officially released in 2022.

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