Just as he was about to get rid of his past, the Kara organization knocked again on Kawaki's door thanks to the tender embrace of the Seventh Hokage. With the intention of bringing him back to the leader of the criminal group, Delta broke into the leaf village. Here's what's going to happen in thatEpisode 199 of the Boruto anime.

Definitely Kidnap Kawaki To get him back to the secret base of the Kara organization, Delta threw himself upside down to the place where Naruto, Kawaki and Boruto were training. However, being able to recover the ship will be an arduous mission. The legendary Seventh Hokage himself stands in his defense.

"To win against Naruto, Delta, one of the Interiors of Orhanization Kara, uses a cowardly method and treats Kawaki as if he were just an object."reads the Summary of episode 199 published in Animedia Magazine. ""This causes Naruto to rage. Not afraid of Delta's dangerous abilities, Naruto pounces on her and hurls a powerful Rasengan. But Delta, who has numerous scientific ninja tools at his disposal, can absorb any jutsu. "

When Naruto and little Himawari are struck by one of the antagonist's rays, Kawaki try to defend them, but he loses his right arm in the attempt. Will the Leaf Ninja be able to stop Delta's destructive rage? Supervising the animations of this episode is Retsu Ohkawara, one of the pillars of the Boruto anime, which contributed to the realization of the best episodes in the series.

While we wait for this episode, here's the preview of Boruto 198. The Hokage is ready to defend Konoha. Let's compare the anime and the manga of Boruto.

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