Become a great ally of the protagonists in Dragon Ball SuperMajin Buu was perhaps the antagonist closest to the end of planet earth. The pink creature possesses exceptional fighting skills and its own body hides potentially deadly secrets for its opponents.

Majin Buu is capable of this modify his body as desired like it was a rubber band, but this is just the most obvious detail of its biology. For example, not everyone knows that Buu's flesh and clothing are made of the same material. It is precisely for this reason that every time he picks up someone, he also takes on his clothes. To demonstrate this, Kid Buu is born with pants on and every time he is damaged or injured, he not only regenerates his body but also his clothes.

Majin Buu can regenerate completely a single cell. When the Z-fighters inflict severe head injuries on him, his body doesn't stop because he lacks a brain - meaning Buu has vital organs, but he doesn't really need them. When Vegetto enters the pink creature's body to free his friends, we can see that he has organs like any other person, but each of his cells seems to work independently. Hence, its internal organs are not strictly necessary.

In the course of the storyline, Buu succeeds in creating gods Duplicates of yourself, but only the gray Evil Buu seems to have its own personality, completely different from the original one. In addition, as we saw with Uub, Buu can even be reborn in other forms.

Despite the appearance, Majin Buu isn't exactly fat. In fact, his body does not own Fat cells and while you burn calories you will never lose weight. Its round shape is simply the manifestation of its body. In Dragon Ball Super, for example, we see him adopt a lean and muscular physique.

According to Akira Toriyama, Buu has existed since "time immemorial", but only the magician Bibidi shaped his existence by locking the elemental force of his chaos into a physical body. So Bu is a very old being who may have gone through numerous cycles of death and rebirth and manifest differently each time.

The Dragon Ball Super Anime has been stopped longer than the entire drata of the show. Will he ever come back? In the meantime, let's find out if all the Saiyans can transform into Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball Super.

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