One of the most mysterious Golden Knights of all Holy Seiya it is that of the scales. Shrouded in a shadow of mystery for much of the work, the knight actually reveals himself to be the elder master of the five peaks, i.e. H. The Master of Shiryu the Dragon. Here he is back on the battlefield in this character.

The collectible statue of Tamashii Nations specifically refers to Holy Seiya soul made of gold, Series in which the Golden Knights of the 20th century are briefly brought back to life to fight the Norse god Loki and save Asgard. During the events, Dohko returns from Libra, this is the real name of the wise master, to fight with the mythical gold cloth of the Libra constellation, armor that later becomes divine and amplifies its already deadly potential.

In this articulated figure, Dohko can assume various typical positions, such as the one with which he starts the secret shot of the rising dragon or the Shot of the hundred soaring dragons. In addition, multiple faces are included: with or without a helmet or eyes and mouth open or closed.

The figure may not be a collector's statue, but it has incredible details like that numerous weapons available the golden knight of the scales or the same trifles of the divine matter. Seventeen centimeters high and available at a price of 123 euros.

If you love these types of products, you should not miss this statue of the Knights of the Zodiac, in which Ikki wears his divine cloth. Just like his master, Shiryu also unleashes the secret blow of the rising dragon in this character from The Knights of the Zodiac.

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