After nearly 12 years of publication, Chapter 139 of The attack of the giants ended the adventure of Eren Jaeger. But the end of the work, along with various points of criticism and appreciation, led to a strange debate that brought Hajime Isayama's manga into direct competition with Code Geass.

Both series started in the second half of the 2000s, though Attack of the Giants took on a much longer life. Both the work of Master Isayama and Code Geass They have several things in common, like the global conflict between belligerent nations and battles based on giant super weapons. However, the debate between the Code Geass community and The Attack of the Giants affects the respective protagonists, namely Eren Jaeger and Lelouch Vi Brittannia.

According to some users who, as you can see at the end of the article, voiced their thoughts on Twitter, Eren finally behaved just like Lelouch. However, the fans of Code Geass are not there and to this provocation they replied that their lover was definitely smarter than his counterpart and would dominate him ten times out of ten.

Apparently, however, it's not just a war between the two protagonists, but also between the two works. Other users actually severely attacked The Attack of the Giants, claiming that Code Geass had one of the best endings ever. If Isayama's manga gets a "poor" 9 out of 10, Code Geass is on another level. And what do you think about it On which side are you? Let us know!

With the ending of The Attack of the Giants manga, here are the fans' greetings. We read the poignant letter from the magazine after the finale of Attack of the Giants.

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