L'The story arc in the land of the sun seems to have come to an end, but not before a great and triumphant feast anticipating the Day of Judgment by Lucius Zogratis. Asta, who learned the tedding technique in a short time, is looking forward to the journey home. But is it really possible to return to Clover?

While waiting for the official release of the chapter that Spoilers for Black Clover 353. So let's find out what will happen in the next few pages of Yuki Tabata's manga after the big win in Black Clover 352.

The Skies over the land of the sun are finally clearing and its citizens can celebrate the narrow escape. The Shogun tells Asta that thanks to his anti-magic, he managed to cut through the magical clouds that constantly covered Goshu Island due to the presence of the five-headed dragon. Ryuya then thanks the boy for his work.

Asta will then ask the Shogun if he knows a way to enable him to return home. Ryuya says that the Black Bull magicians are looking for a way to bring him back and that Asta can't do anything but wait. Asta trusts his companions and will wait for them to rescue him. At this point, a big party can begin to celebrate the victory of the Shogun, Ryuzen, and Asta.

during the party Asta will get drunk because of sakebut it will make for an interesting discussion. Ichika will apologize for insulting Sukehiro, who first addresses him by the nickname Brother, but Asta's awkward response will make her leave. The girl has finally conquered the inner anger symbolized in the cover of Black Clover n. 34

The Occharmie doll will bring food to everyone present, but Yosuga asks Asta to introduce her to a beautiful girl from Clover who can use fire magic. Asta will immediately think of Mereoleona

Asta will keep drinking and the Ryuzen will take him to the spa to recover. In However, thermal water is already immersed in Ichika, who will run away due to the embarrassment generated by the nudity. The next day, Asta tries to apologize for the accident, but Ichika replies that he must take responsibility for what he did. Asta won't understand this answer, but agrees with the 7 that Ryuzen decides Train for the next three days.

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