Almost 40 years have passed since November 20, 1984, the distant day when the first chapter of a then-unknown manga appeared in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump. The legend of dragon ball began to reach into the present day and still captivates billions of readers.

From November 1984 to March 2023, Dragon Ball is still the favorite shonen manga for many fans. It is therefore not surprising that the most diverse merch products arrive almost daily, from statuettes to trading cards to video games and dedicated clothing. In the home of a true enthusiast, the Dragon Ball calendar cannot be missing.

The Dragon Bal March 2023 calendarl shows the two protagonists of the work who currently had to give up the limelight in favor of Goten and Trunks in the manga series Dragon Ball Super. As Vegeta rushes in with a battle cry, Goku unleashes a powerful Kamehameha. Both Saiyan warriors are in low form and therefore with black hair.

But what can fans expect in these four weeks? If the voting to choose the strongest Dragon Ball fighter ends on March 5th, the date to be set in the calendar is March 19th. On this date, Chapter 91 of Dragon Ball Super will debut, an appointment that will usher in one new saga that will adapt Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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