Almost 40 years after its debut dragon ball by Akira Toriyama remains one of the most important works of the modern manga era. A simple story that branches out and becomes an increasingly interesting fantasy form, so fascinating that it becomes the scene of some crossovers made by fans, like the last one with the Pokémon universe.

Even Son Goku can represent the emblem of heroism In the Shonen manga, Ash Ketchum perfectly embodies the boy eager to travel and discover the secrets of a colorful world full of mysteries like the pocket monsters born from the mind of Satoshi Tajiri. That travel themealbeit more superficially, it is also covered in the first series of Dragon Ball given Bulma's desire to find the seven Dragon Balls to make a wish.

Starting from this idea, the user and artist salvamakoto imagined it The two protagonists set off on a shared adventure, Side by side. In the post reported below, Son Goku can actually be seen as a child in the classic design of the first series and behind him Ash Ketchum, also with its original design but definitely re-proportioned to suit the character of Goku. What do you think of this cute crossover? Let us know in the comments.

In conclusion, we leave you with the crossover between Dragon Ball and Superman and the ranking of the best shonen manga according to Japanese readers.

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