With the beginning of October, the fall season of the anime begins. The year 2022 will end with a bang thanks to the presence of very thick souls, many of whom arrive on Crunchyroll, which has now become one of the points of reference for fans of the genre. And among the titles coming to debut, there is Chainsaw Man by Studio MAP.

The adaptation of the manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto is one of the most anticipated of recent years: The comic published on Weekly Shonen Jump - now moved to Shonen Jump + - had a sensational success, but now it's up to the anime to show what it's capable of. Chainsaw Man will follow viewers for 12 episodes as Denji searches for a specific purpose in life while being embroiled in battles against numerous terrifying looking devils.

Crunchyroll is now revealing the official synopsis of Chainsaw Man, which may allow those who don't know history to get an idea of ​​the first events that will be narrated: "Denji is a boy named with the chainsaw devil Pochita is cohabited by his father, living a life on the sidelines while trying to pay off the debt by getting corpses of devils with Pochita. One day Denji is betrayed and killed. When his conscience threatens to dwindle, he enters into a contract with Pochita is brought back to life as Chainsaw Man - a man with a devil heart".

think of Follow Chainsaw Man once it's officially available on Crunchyroll?

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