A few hours ago, we told you about the lack of new information about The Attack of the Giants 4, the final season of the anime coming this fall. A few moments ago the TV station NHK seems to have confirmed the suspicion of the fans, unofficial announcement of the postponement of the series.

As you can see below, the website reads "Coming in autumn 2020", now present for more than a year. Rumors of a A possible postponement to 2021 has been in the air for monthsespecially given the difficulties caused by the health emergency and the animation studio's many obligations. At the moment the official announcement has not yet arrived, but given the coming autumn we can expect confirmation before the end of September.

The first trailer for The Attack of the Giants 4 dates from last May, which also confirmed entry into the new studio's scene. The final season is in fact curated by the MAPPA folks who are currently producing two more souls: Jujutsu Kaisen is Taiso Samurai.

Hajime Isayama's manga will end in 2021, so it's pretty unlikely that the studio animated more than half of the episodes. According to some rumors The last season can also be divided into two parts, distributed separately in the new year.

What do you think about it? Did you expect a postponement? Let us know with a comment! To get through the wait, you can check out our analysis of the first trailer for Attack of the Giants 4.

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