The advertising campaign for the Demon Slayer movie continues, and this time the guys at Ufotable announced via Weekly Shonen Jump that Everyone who purchases a ticket for Demon Slayer: Infinity Train will also receive a copy of Rengoku Volume 0, the limited edition manga by Koyoharu Gotouge dedicated to the Pillar of Flames.

The work tells the story of Rengoku's first mission and was created by the author immediately after the original series was completed. A total of 4.5 million copies are available and no more will be printed. The movie's viewers are given a copy of the manga before entering the theater.

In the past few months, the film industry has gone into a major crisis, mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Even the big international blockbusters like it principle They struggled at the box office and Ufotable is hoping this ad campaign will convince Japanese audiences to give it a try.

A few weeks ago, Kyoto Animation also announced that three novels will be given away for free at the premiere of Violet Evergarden: The Movie to reward fans who have chosen to support the project. However, to find out if it is a profit we have to wait a few more days.

What do you think about it? Did you return to the cinema after the lockdown? Let us know with a comment and your opinion on this interesting commercial maneuver from Ufotable!

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