Ichigo Kurosaki is now one of the most famous protagonists. Main character of the events of bleachingIchigo went from being an ordinary person to being a Shinigami, a transformation that then triggered a series of events that led him to learn about both his past and a vast world of diatribes.

His slim figure with an always serious and hard expression and his orange hair made Ichigo famous all over the world. But why did Tite Kubo decided to create so the protagonist of Bleach? The answer comes from both some statements in preparation for the manga and some of the comments made on Weekly Shonen Jump over the years.

Originally, it was Rukia Kuchiki who had to be the protagonist. However, Kubo decided the girl wasn't the ideal character to keep Bleach going, so she chose Ichigo Kurosaki. At first Ichigo had black hair, glasses and a much calmer look. For Kubo, however, the character in this state was too similar to Rukia Kuchiki; So he decided to twist it and take it almost to the extreme to distinguish the two. This is how Ichigo got his orange hair and his serious and angular look.

At first, Bleach wasn't the title for the manga, which also had to deal with various topics.

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