With currently 20 volumes published in Weekly Shonen Sunday Magazine, this is the series Komi cannot communicate, recently earned the title Manga that fans would love to see translated into anime, a wish that could very soon come true, given the rumors that have surfaced on the internet in the past few hours.

Written and drawn by Tomohito Oda The focus of the series is on Komi, a young girl who attends the prestigious Itan High Institute and who is very popular with students for her beauty and privacy. Some say this could simply be because they feel superior. In reality Komi cannot speak freely with her companions due to a communication disorderThanks to the help of Tadano Hitohito, the protagonist has a new goal: to make friends with 100 people before the end of high school.

A series that is undoubtedly shaped by an original idea that could reach the world of anime, as noted in the two posts below. In the first one shared by @Wsstalkback, a rumor seems to be confirmed registering a domain related to work, while the second from @AniNewsAndFacts explained the production of an animated version of Komi Can’t Communicate. In the absence of any official announcements, we ask that you view these rumors with caution.

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