In the world of anime, some original episodes have always been added here and there related to the history of the transposed manga. The fillers phenomenon, however, peaked with two adaptations by Studio Pierrot, namely Bleach and Naruto, the latter also being the Continued Naruto: Shippuden.

The anime with the blonde ninja is in fact really full of episodes that were specially created for the implementation to buy the writer of Naruto time and thus distance himself from the chapters of the manga. But how many and what Naruto Shippuden fillers actually are? Here is a guide on how to avoid the original consequences. The fillers of the anime are:

  • Episode 28;
  • Episodes 57-71;
  • Episodes 91-112;
  • Episodes 144-151;
  • Episodes 170 and 171;
  • Episodes 176-196;
  • Episodes 223-242;
  • Episodes 257-260;
  • Episode 271;
  • Episodes 279-281;
  • Episodes 284-295;
  • Episodes 303-320;
  • Episodes 347-361;
  • Episodes 376 and 377;
  • Episodes 394-413;
  • Episodes 416 and 417;
  • Episodes 422 and 423;
  • Episodes 427-450;
  • Episodes 464-469;
  • Follow 480-483.

Of 500 episodes available, Naruto Shippuden has 205 full episodesNot to mention some stories between original and canonical. This means that over 40% of the anime was entirely invented by Studio Pierrot, who put unreleased stories between one narrative arc and the other and suddenly a saga breaks.

After a few years of the filler episodes, Boruto continues the manga story by expanding it.

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