The winter anime season has started to leave a big void in viewers' hearts. In December 2022, the first seasons of Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man, the two most popular series of the year. The heroes of each work meet in hilarious fan-made artwork.

Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man were two of the best anime of 2022. The two productions respectively by WIT Studio x CloverWorks and MAP Studio, however, they briefly greeted the fans. Whether Spy x Family will return with a movie and season 2 in 2023, Tatsuki Fujimo's manga adaptation has no news on the return date just yet, although Season 2 of Chainsaw Man doesn't seem far off. In any case, the protagonists of the respective series will remain in the hearts of fans for a long time with the continuation of the manga.

I look forward to the return of Forgers of Tatsuya Endo and Tatsuki Fujimoto's Devil Huntersa disrespectful one Crossover fanart brings together the heroes of Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man. In the illustration by @cosiecottage, we see Loid taking the elevator with Anya to bring the newly bought groceries home. However, in the same elevator there are two other people that the community knows very well, Aki and Power. The two protagonists of Spy x Family become uneasy at the sight of the Blood Majin biting the head of the desolate Aki who is carrying her in his arms.

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