During the Yu-Gi-Oh! revolutionizing the metagame of Konami's Trading Card Game, another much-anticipated product has finally hit newsstands and specialty stores, namely the Structure Deck: Beware the Trapper from Yu-Gi-Oh!which brings with it some extraordinary reprints.

Before we go into detail on Beware the Trap, we need to make one clarification What are the Structure Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!. The Structure Deck category products are the perfect starting points for those deciding to get started with the Konami Trading Card Game or wanting to return to it after years of being absent without investing a lot of money for creating competitive decks. Among the Structure Decks, Konami also recently launched Mondo Oscuro, which will be available in specialty stores in December.

Beware the Traptrix consists of 48 cards total, including 40 Commons, 3 Super Rares, and 5 Ultra Rares. Both of them are ultra rare deck card of the Deck, namely Trapress Pinguicula and Trapress Atypus, each an XYZ Plant Monster with effect and a Link Insect card with effect. However, among the other Ultra Rares we have the monster Modest Traptrix and the two spells Giardino Trappolatour and Sintonia Trappolatrigante.

As the archetype name explains, the Trap Lady theme based on "Trap Holes", powerful Trap Cards from the origins of Yu-Gi-Oh! which can be easily placed on the field thanks to the effects of the newly released Traptress cards. Precisely for this reason, among the most famous reprints of the deck we find cards like the "Trap Hole", originally printed as part of the first movement of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragonfrom 2002, but also "Endless Trap Hole", "Raigeki" and "Duster of the Harpies".

We remind you that the The Trapper theme is very popular to the international Yu-Gi-Oh! audience, so the deck already seems to have established itself as a real deck best buy among lovers of the archetype. The price of the Structure Deck varies between 11 and 13 euros at the main internet retailers, some offer some bunch Specials with three copies of the deck for around 30 euros.

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