In the last few episodes of Boruto: Naruto the next generations The criminal organization Kara has implemented a new plan to recapture Kawaki as the future container of leader Jigen. While Kashin Koji apparently managed to get past the chakra detectors at the entrance to the Leaf Village, Delta has decided to take action. more direct.

Indeed, taken with impatience Delta decided to send his drone beyond the walls of Konoha to locate Kawakiand once he found it, he decided to take action, but was faced with an unexpected event that he had not considered, namely Naruto. Although the Seventh Hokage is undoubtedly capable of facing such an opponent, he was deeply impressed by Delta's ruthlessness, who did not hesitate to threaten little Himawari and toss her into the air.

Of course, Naruto immediately approached his daughter, turned his back on the enemy and was hit by one of her powerful rays. Or so it seemed. In fact, Kawaki miraculously managed to protect the Hokage and his daughterHowever, he lost his right arm. The last published episode showed an unqualified confrontation between Delta, now in its final form, and Naruto who managed to destroy the antagonist's tech-absorbing technologyand thus denotes his defeat.

As soon as the Hokage tries to capture their prisoner, Delta's body will explode, but according to the episode 200 preview found below, his drone seems to be still activeand reaches Amado at Kara headquarters, where he connects to a specific device that this could lead to his return?

Recall that Naruto performed a new jutsu in episode 199 and we leave you to a great cosplay devoted to Sakura.

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