There Fight between Luffy and Kaido in ONE PIECE continued for several chapters. Eiichiro Oda has devoted some time to the clash that takes place on the top of the Onigashima Dome, interspersed with the apparitions of the other Mugiwara.

However, the end of chapter 1013 of ONE PIECE leaves some strange sensations. Luffy, woke up a few chapters ago after being attacked by Kaido, Learn how to use the Conqueror King's Haki If he allows it to flow into his attacks, he will succeed in asserting himself against the emperor. We don't see how the battle goes as Law and the others leave the tip of the island. But suddenly, when Big Mom is raging down the stairs, Kaido is desperate when he quickly defeated Luffy and the captain of Onigashima fell.

Again the third after the one in Wano and that a few chapters ago in Onigashima. Luffy passes out with the exact same expression after he was hit by Kaido. Although the captain in the straw hat had received remarkable strength, there was nothing he could do about the emperor, and at this point there will necessarily be another awakening. Given the situation, it is not said that Luffy will stay as he is now, but that it would smell of repetition on Oda's side.

The last scenes have proven that Luffy needs a few more power-ups to beat Kaido or from other help, even if no one really seems to be able to withstand the emperor's shockwave. How will Eiichiro Oda tell the end of the battle?

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